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Ile de France, in partnership with Gauteng Intersectorial AIDS Unit (GIAU)

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This is a new capacity-building programme within the Consortium aimed at organisational development of community-based organisations directed at AIDS Consortium members’ organisations as well as Department of Health-funded community groups and NGOs. The programme concentrates on key capacity areas: Finance, Strategic Planning and Fundraising, Project Management, Human Resources, Administration and ICT. SETA-accredited trainers are selected by the Consortium to work on the training modules. Preference is given to those with community-based experience as opposed to external consultants wherever possible.

Key components of the programme are the pre-assessment and strict review processes of training in progress via monitoring and evaluation for long-term sustainability. The final process is a mentor programme for the organisations to ensure ongoing implementation and feedback.


The Swedish International Development Agency is a progressive International funder and provides funding support of the core costs to enable the Consortium to continue to promote a non-discriminatory response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic based on the principals of human rights. The funding support of this donor is subject to annual review and renewal.

Belgain Development Cooperation


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National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

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