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February 2010

AC Strategy


March 2010

Child and Maternal Health
Mar'10 Info Pack (msWord) 346kb

April 2010

Child Headed Households
Apr'10 Info Pack (msWord) 436kb

May 2010

Men as Partners May'10 Info Pack (msWord) 291kb

June 2010

Gender Based Violence Jun'10 Info Pack (msWord) 329kb

July 2010

(no bua@AC - Football World Cup RSA period) ~

August 2010

Community Care Workers Aug'10 Info Pack (msWord) 222kb

September 2010

Women Sep'10 Info Pack (msWord) 243kb

October 2010

LGBTI Oct'10 Info Pack (msWord) 342kb

November 2010

Success stories and Learning and Sharing of 2010 experiences ~


January 2009 Life Balance (PowerPoint Presentation) Presentation
  January 2009 Info Pack Jan'09 Info Pack
February 2009 February 2009 Info Pack Feb'09 Info Pack
March 2009 March 2009 Info Pack Mar'09 Info Pack
April 2009 April 2009 Info Pack Apr'09 Info Pack
May 2009 May 2009 Info Pack May'09 Info Pack
June 2009 June 2009 Info Pack Jun'09 Info Pack
July 2009 July 2009 Info Pack Jul'09 Info Pack
August 2009 August 2009 Info Pack Aug'09 Info Pack
September 2009 September 2009 Info Pack Sep'09 Info Pack
October 2009 October 2009 Info Pack Oct'09 Info Pack

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